Conquest of Go is out in early access on Steam

I’m really curious about this game, for what I learned it is Go games, with multiplayer and IA, with a “wargamish” twist, like population living in territories supplying your “troops”. What do you think about it? I’ll wait some time before buying, I want to be sure the developer will stick to it and not abandon an incomplete game, since it’s early access and bad stuff like this happens.


Howdy Hrafnagudh

If you like, you can ask the developer directly - they are on the OGS Forum as this user:

They’ve been steadily posting updates about this game since last December in this thread here:


Thanks @tonybe

@Duderico if you have any specific questions for me, don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks.


I purchased it immediately :smiley: as I have been following @wolfeystudios’ thread @tonybe linked to above.
The price is ridiculously low, IMHO, about two or three coffees if I’d buy at starbucks or something, and I like to give Go developers my support.

Haven’t played it yet though b/c I’d have to fire up my Windows virtual machine, and I’m tired today.