Consequences of changing one's Google identity

I sign in to OGS through Google. Although I am an individual, I make use of the grandfathered Google Apps for Your Domain i.e. my email address is “dej@…org” rather than “”.

Google is terminating this service. All non-business users who have their own domain are being asked to either switch to a paid plan or transition to a regular gmail account

If I were to choose the second option, how would this impact my sign-on to OGS? Somehow OGS would need to be told “dej, formerly dej@…org via Google, is now known as Honest.” Is there even a defined procedure to do this kind of thing securely?

I am not asking for anything to be done at this point in time. I am just trying to evaluate the consequences of going one way or the other.

I’m no expert but is this the answer?

It’s possible.

I don’t have a password set on my OGS account. I used Google when I first created my OGS account. It’s therefore a leap of faith: once I unlink my first account, the second step ABSOLUTELY MUST WORK, otherwise I will be locked out of my OGS account forever.

Unless I can link the second account BEFORE unlinking the first. But I may not be able to do this, because at no point would my “old” and “new” Google identities exist at the same time.

Hmm yes, maybe someone knows how to set a password first before trying this.

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Hope ok to tag @anoek for a view on the correct approach here. I don’t know how many grandfathered Google accounts are used to sign in to OGS.

You should be able to head to Play Go at! | OGS to set your password, even if you have an account linked. Once your password is set, you should be able to unlink your account.

BTW if for whatever reason you get locked out just contact me at and I’ll help get things sorted out.