Considering removing Leela Zero from our supported AI Reviewers

Hi All,

Many moons ago we began offering our AI review services powered by Leela Zero, and it worked great. Later, we added support for KataGo which became our default review engine because it’s both stronger and provides more information. Today one can still run a Leela review on their games, and sometimes people do, but it’s not clear to me if folks are doing that because they find the review particularly interesting, or if they’re mainly just doing it more to see what it does, and removing it wouldn’t be missed.

So, how useful do you find the Leela Reviews?

  • I don’t use Leela Zero reviews
  • I occasionally use Leela Zero reviews for a second opinion, but I wouldn’t miss them if they were removed.
  • Leela Zero reviews are still useful and I would miss them.

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Furthermore, if you find them particularly useful still, could you provide a link to a game where the Leela Review provided some insight that KataGo missed?


I never had any idea why there was a choice, and put forth no effort to figure it out. Anything related to tuning an AI makes my eyes glaze over, and I trust that you’re just going to pick whichever settings are the best.


I voted I occasionally use Leela Zero reviews for a second opinion just in order to be honest.

But in reality I rarely review my games AT ALL (which I actually should, I know, but I don’t have the time for that because I prefer playing games over reviewing them :grin:)

So, I’m probably rather in the “I don’t use LZ reviews” camp.

Oh well, I guess I‘ll just change my vote :roll_eyes::smirk: