Constant connection failures in the last few days

I can’t say for certain exactly when it started, but sometime in the last week, I am getting constant connection errors to the websocket, resulting in the site appearing to load fine, but not actually functioning; if I’m on the Games page, it shows up as 0 games being played, etc.

In the inspection console, the error message is:

It happens intermittently but frequently. If I keep refreshing the same page over and over again, it will work maybe 25% of the time and error out 75% of the time.

I’ve tested this on multiple browsers, multiple operating systems, and multiple networks since Thursday, and it happens on every single one of them. So I’m 99% certain the problem is server-side.

I’m in Toronto, Ontario if it matters. (I have not yet purchased a flight to Europe to confirm it happens in multiple regions, but I’m close to taking that step :wink: )

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Hmmm interesting. Anyone else having issues with this? I notice the socket reconnect probably 2-3 times a day or so but that’s just a drop and reconnect, and requires no further action from me (ie i don’t have to reload the page).

It’s possible that this thread is the same issue; the symptoms and timing are the same, it’s possible the OP just didn’t know to check the web inspector for the error messages.