Contribute to Apiary / RT API Documentation?

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I am working on making an API wrapper for the OGS API and websocket API in python, and trying to scour through documentation and forum posts to get info has been, painful, to say the least. I was bearing with it, using the web client to find anything that might be wrong, but I drew the line at working on challenges… lol.

Having to POST to /me/challenges/$game_id/accpet makes sense, but refusing a challenge is sending a DELETE to /me/challenges/$game_id/?! Not using /decline?? That one frustrated me lmao.

Anyhow, I would be more than happy to spend some of my time trying to clean up this documentation, at least updating the endpoints and payload data that is sent and received, since I’ve been documenting what I can in Postman. Is there a way I could go about updating the Apiary docs, or is this not something that can accept public contribution? If not, when I’m done, I can provide my Postman to someone who does have that ability?

I think trying to bring these docs more up to date will save people from the many hours of headaches that it seems like pretty much everyone runs into the first time they try and work with the API, including myself.


Thanks man, that would be great!
(I’m just another frustrated user like you)

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I initially started trying to document the get requests here

which comes from this yaml file

You could add the various post requests there. I meant to look more into schemas and things but didn’t get back around to it.

Some hopefully helpful info


Note: If you’re working with the real-time API in specific, that is actually fairly well documented now:


Oh wow, I didn’t know that existed. I was using this documentation, that seems way more up to date. Sweet!

This is good to know as well! I might see about updating this with what I have, then putting in a Pull Request. I don’t know how different it is compared to the Apiary documentation, so maybe this is more up to date as well.


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