Contributing to OGS - is there a design system?

Hello everyone! :wave:

I have absolutely been loving playing Go and I would love to contribute to the site utilising my skills as a designer as well as a frontend developer.

Whilst playing and looking through the issues trackers, there are various UI bugs or tweaks that I feel like I could be able to submit a solution for. My question is though, is there a design system that guides how elements should look on the site?

If not, would the community be open to a guide / system being created to ensure consistency and ease of development down the line?

Lastly, is there a timeline or potential future state of the site planned? ie. prioritised features and changes that are planned to be completed?

Thanks everyone! Excited to be a part of the community :smile:


I guess that @GreenAsJade will contact you soon.


This, right?


Hi @hahayikes, I sent you a PM. Iā€™d love to see something like that come together, as would the majority of the community I think!