Conversion rate of puzzles's collections

Just some semi serious research.
Some collections get visited a lot, but not much of the visitors do solve a puzzle of that collection.And other have much more solved puzzles compared to number of visits.
For this I coined a new concept: puzzle collection’s conversion rate (PC2R).
I define PC2R as:

(solved puzzles divided by number of visits) x 100%.

If I limit myself to the first page of the OGS Puzzles Page (as shown below) I get the following results:

Name of puzzle collection PC2R (%)
HKGCA 55.5
기초 문제 57.9
Exercises 35.8
Cho Chikun 37.6
Maeda Nobuaki 66.3
How to Play Go + 16.9
Stone development 41.7
Ralph’s Cho 34.7
AGA P-o-w 24.0
Tactics Tutor 48.6

Surprising differences between collections.
Anyone got an explanation for this phenomenon?

PS: Every time I want to draw a table I have to think hard of how to do that.
So here a memo to myself (and others who might be interested).

Yes, bad math skills :stuck_out_tongue:

I only checked Cho as I could not believe God damn CHO CHIKUN would be so low, and I am pretty sure you misplaced a decimal somewhere along the way :smiley:
Pardon the cheekiness, have not had cofee yet

Possibly, also didn’t have my morning cup of tea yet.

Number of visits: 1.9 M (1.900.000), number of solved: 716.5 K (716.500)
That gives 37,6

F__k, you are correct.
Gonna make some tea right away.
Enjoy your coffee.