Converting Goquest rating into OGS ranking

I’m not considering Goquest ranking (Dan/Kyu), only the rating.

So what will be a 2000 Goquest in the (new) OGS ranking? 1d?
a 2400? a 1800?

On 13x13? On 9x9?

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I’m GoQuest 2100~ (9x9) and OGS 4.5d~ (9x9 only, not overall). OGS still has the problem of not having many dan players tho. Most of my 9x9 games here are with sdk.

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Only @terrific playing on Goquest?

So a GQ 2000 rating may be about 2.8d OGS[year 2018], a GQ 2100 rating may be about 4.8d OGS[year 2018] and a GQ 2400 rating would be far above amateur level (~13d OGS[year 2018]?).

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