Cool capturing race

There is a big capturing race happening on the left side:

The proper shape move here for white would be A, to rob black of any eye-shape and win the capturing race easily. In the game white instead cut at B, which looks good as well at first glance, since there is no immediate way for black to capture that stone. But actually black can resist with the peep at 2, and then capture with 4:

(actually, white could resist the resistance by playing 3 at F11, but in the game white simply connected)

This looks like a major setback for white. Can you find a way to salvage the position from here, and win the capturing race despite white’s earlier mistakes?

Board for playing out variations


White should pull out the captured stone, to sacrifice two stones instead of one:

After this sequence white is still winning the capturing race by one liberty.

Alternatively, white can start with this 1, and then instead has to find the even cooler tesuji of 3:

The idea is the same here, by sacrificing an extra stone white is reducing black’s liberties more effectively. It’s clear that 3 is a good move once you see it, but it would be difficult to think of yourself!