Cool Go Club Posters

Just rushing through here, won’t even take time to play my due moves, must sssssleeeeeep. But this I wanted to share, there are quite a few pretty cool posters among these, and I thought you might appreciate the humour (I found this via a comment by “Unusedname” on the L19 forum).

Please visit this imgur page by “zombieabe”: Go Posters – Weekly comics that I posted in every bathroom stall of my college for nearly two years. This here is just the first of 31 (thirty-one!) posters, some are (IMHO) extremely funny, some are so-so, but definitely a nice resource.

Perhaps we can collect more ideas like these for all of us out there who want to promote (or launch!) their local Go club. Playing IRL is so much fun!

Greetings, Tom


Let me see if I can dig up the ones I have. One of the guys who used to attend our go club is a graphic designer and he had designed a few posters for a go club at a university. Hopefully I still have the images. Will Edit this post when I find them.

EDIT: Ha! Found them.

These two are hanging up in my office. :smile:


I like how as someone who left Hampshire last January I only now see these posters or hear of this club. :frowning:


Like that Moyo one… Very funny it would make a good bumper sticker!

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I think the weekly poster is a great idea. If nothing else it probably had people interested in the next weeks flier.

How much interest did it spur in the club?


@Nghtstalker, you’ll have to ask “zombieabe” on imgur, I’m not the artist, I just shared the link here :wink:

Ty. It would be interesting to know the response. Very creative I think.

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This thread has a lot of potential. And I want to show 2020 those 31 posters.

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