Correct defense against touching the 4-4 stone

This came up in move 69 in my recent game

After an earlier low approach, black entered the corner at 3-4, I defended with a hane and black hane’d back.

As far as I know it would have been better for black to jump in at 3-3, but the two hane’s were correct move, so my first question is if this assessment is correct.

Afterwards, however, I atari’d the 3-4 stone and it worked out well in the game, but I think that the move was an error and black simply didn’t know how to profit from it (and I don’t know either).

So my second question is what black’s best local play would have been and how I should have responded correctly.

Everything I am talking about are moves 67-70 in the aforementioned game.

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Hi Wulfenia,

I left a variation in the game. Perhaps this is what you are thinking of?

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eidogo / Kogo’s Joseki dictionary has some variations for this here:

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I think your question was answered, but I have an unrelated comment about your game.

I think move 44 (S13) is good but I don’t like it because black doesn’t have to respond to it.
If I was black I would play move 45 at K9.
So instead of White S13, I would play White E7 (new move 44). Then Black D8, White J8. Now you have center.
If black jumps in at S14, you can ignore that and play at H17. If he disconnects, you can sacrifice the three white stones. So right now, it would be a mistake for black to do S14.
I would invade at H17 instead of C17 because in the end game you can play O18 and completely remove any potential territory there for black.
And now if black doesn’t play a stone on the left side, you can invade there as well.

I’ll just stop there, but the reason why I chose to focus on move 44 is to show you that you don’t have to respond if black plays there. By not responding, you are basically gaining a handicap stone for free. If anyone disagrees, let me know, so I can learn.

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