Correspondence Game. Stone placing

In Correspondence games I have to approve the move. I tried to change it in settings but it’s ok for some time, then it’s just resets to default. Also couldn’t find apply changes button for this section.
Thanks in advance!

Did you set the value you wanted in the Game Preferences section of Settings for Correspondence Submit Mode?

you mean if i set it as i want? yes, but it resets to default after some tme

IIRC these settings are stored in cookies, i.e. on your computer or smart thingie … are you using different devices?

If not, please try this: log out, delete all cookies (in case something got corrupted there), and log in again … you will then have re-create your settings.

HTH, Tom

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Actually, I looking to see which screen you made the change in.

@trohde’s comment is also important as the some settings get set on a per browser basis (because cookies).

Isn’t it also dependent on the type of game? You can have different settings for live and correspondence games.

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i use and after closing the window i have settings (by click or by approve) set to default, on usual browser (safari) it’s all ok. idk may be it has something to do with cookies

seems like should use safari’s cookies but it doesn’t, so I think it’s not on your side

On the Fluid Web site I notice this:

Maybe try the paid version? Or ask

how to say technically correctly about settings: "settings are stored in cookies» ?