Correspondence game won't finish

I have had a correspondence game ongoing for months without any moves taking place. It has been stuck on my opponent’s turn with 7 days time left for months. I am clearly winning the game and it won’t time-out my opponent. Can someone please help, I don’t want to resign a won game.


In that game you can report your problem to a moderator.


If I am looking at the right game, your opponent has paused it. You have a button you can push that will unpause it. I don’t remember if it says “Unpause” or “Resume.”


Hi! It looks like the game in question is paused, if you want you can unpause it and your opponent should time out if they do not play their move.

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Ok thanks guys, I always play on the android app and it doesn’t have a lot of these features implemented so I never knew you could pause and resume a game like that!

In any case there is a limit of 5 pauses during a game. Just in case of.