Correspondence games do not autoscore automatically

Does anyone else experience this? Here is the chat log from a recent game

[9:06] Andis361[10k]: Let’s see how it came out. I’m guessing you by a small handful.
— Move 216 —
[9:06] Andis361[10k]: Exactly a handful.
[10:10] benjito[5k]: should be you by a small handful…
[10:10] benjito[5k]: but I’ll take it if you want me to :yum:
— September 3, 2023 —
[6:56] Andis361[10k]: Cool. It used to score the dead stones automatically, didn’t it?
[7:53] benjito[5k]: Yeah I think it’s broken for correspondence games - I might make a bug report

The three stones in the top right were not marked dead automatically (as they are in live games), and so the game went 15 points in the other direction.

Does anyone else experience this? Or were we just unlucky?

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This looks like the autoscore bug from August 2020. It also occurs in live games. I have been blowing the horn on this for three years. It was somewhat reduced by the autoscore update in 2021, but then began to appear again increasingly (or possibly it was still occurring at the same rate, but I just did’lt see it—I have always watched lots of games). I have posted many examples in the two threads about OGS;s bad scoring system. I also have about 20 or more examples that I have never posted. And of course, when I was moderating, I addressed it in many, many games.

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