Correspondence handicap arena tournaments

We don’t have much of a handicap-culture here at OGS. A few people, myself included, think that’s worth changing. An entirey unrelated topic recently discussed was that arena tournaments (you can play as many games as you have time for) would be nice.

I thought I’d combine those two ideas. Well, tbh I think the arena thing was discussed for live play mostly, I’m sort of transferring that into correspondence. The idea is there will be a series of correspondence handicap round robin tournaments. You can participate in as many or as few as you want, all games played within the year 2024 count. More details are on the group page:

The first tournament is open for registration, but won’t start before January 1st:


I like this idea. The combination of flexibility in how many games to join and a persistent scoreboard is pretty neat.

Alas, I’m used to the fact that handicap games are more educational games than competitive ones. But I sincerely wish you good luck with your endeavor, especially when I think about how difficult it will be to keep track of all the points for each participant.


I have a script already that pulls the points from OGS. All I need to maintain manually is the list of tournaments, so it’s not that bad.


The tournament currently open is 10 player one (with 3 spots still open), so 9 games for everyone. I will also offer smaller ones in the future (4 or 5 players), so people who don’t want to commit to 9 games at once can also participate,

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The first tournament is full. I created a second one: Handicap Arena 2024 - 002

This only has 5 players, so 4 games for everyone.


@emaolivia71 I am not sure if you are a spammer or if your computer is infected by malware and included that link without you knowing. In the latter case you’d better do something against it.

The second tournament was full, so I opened a 3rd one: Handicap Arena 2024 - 003


Would love to play more handicap tournaments as I am a beginner so I face much stronger opponents most of the time.