Correspondence - Opponent Not Accepting Stone Removal

Hello everyone!

During correspondence game, the opponents seem to be able to hold off accepting the stone removal results. The 24 hour time limit expires but the game does not end like it used to. This in effect lets the opponent prevent the loss.

I’ve already been through the phase of trying to cancel to make him run out of time but he passes again, we go back to stone removal, and he holds off accepting again.

This is the game:

Would you recommend I use the “Call Moderator” mode or just wait…?
Sorry if this issue has been discussed elsewhere already.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Sure, if you are sure he is doing it on purpouse (tried PM him?), then calling a moderator is the right action to take.
It might take a minute for a moderator to sign in (they have lives too) so give it a while.

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Cheers man, I will try to PM him and then contact the moderators if it doesn’t resolve.
Yeah no worries, not in a rush at all.

Yeah nah, messaged the opponent, and since then we have exchanged a couple sets of moves on another correspondence I am playing with him, and he has not accepted it. Seems clear he is not accepting on purpose. Will message the moderators.

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