Correspondence teaching

I’m stuck going up and down around the same ranks. What I’m learning isn’t help me break the ceiling of my limited potential at this time. Seem to get better against weaker players, but if I’m learning something it doesn’t help against stronger players.

So if there’s any player strong enough to help me improve my game few stones, it would be great.

Forget it, thanks.

I need to learn consistency before anything else. Don’t want to waste a person’s time.

Consistency is imho result of playing many games. What helped me most in overcoming 13-12k barrier was book “Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go (Toshiro Kageyama)”, easy to read book and my reading skills skyrocketed after first chapter :slight_smile: that lead to “ability to hurt stronger players” - quite opposite of consistency :smiley:

Cant say that I am consistent - not at all, but I got much better at it once I started playing opponents that are able to punish my mistakes - it teaches you to not do that mistakes quite well :slight_smile:

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By consistency I’m talking about remembering and applying what I learned. I finished reviewing my last lost, not sure what I learned or if I can remember to apply it next game. My observation was passivity by following my opponent’s moves, reacting as he played; not actively countering with my own moves and coordinating my stones effectively to pressure opponent. This was my problem from the opening, he was more active having potential for influence and territory; from there I was playing his game.

Yeah I agree, all I can do is play more with better players and review. :slight_smile:

I just took a look at this, and the writing style in that book is great!

Others will say “Look, I’m still weak at this game, I can’t do anyting difficult like reading”. So much for these lazy students - let them do as they please. They are not going to get anywhere. They need to be grabbed by the scruff of the neck and have some sense knocked into them"


When you feel secure, move the left hand stones two or three lines diagonally and read it again. Anyone whose eyes start to prickle or gets a headache has a bad case of astigmatism and should see a doctor at once.

:smiley: :smiley:

Hah - I’m going to have to keep going with this one!