I don’t play correspondence games. How do I remove myself so I don’t call to play? Thank you.

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Don’t chose them.
Don’t accept correspondence games challenge.
Don’t play ladders.

If you put a live game offer, afterwards the live game setting will stay as default unless you change it to correspondence.


There is no way to block correspondence game challenges. Just don’t accept them if someone challenges you.


You recently cancelled four correspondence games. Those were created by you.
How do you create a challenge? Maybe something isn’t clear in settings?


I have never created correspondence games unless I made them inadvertely. If so, how can I cancel? Thank you

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You mean that when I put a live game later passes to correspondence? Thanks,

According to this screenshot, you created the last correspondence game


So you must have created it inadvertently. When you create a custom game, be sure to select “game speed = live”.

How do you know that I created it?


I think so.
That’s why I was asking: how do you start a game? Where do you find your opponents and how do you challenge them?

I noticed that your games have names such “Player1 vs Player2”. If I recall correctly, this usually happens when one player creates the game by directly challenging the other one.

If that’s the case, you must look at the settings before actually starting the game.

A live game doesn’t change into a correspondence game. The time settings are set for the whole duration of the game.
So, if you find yourself in a correspondence game, it was since the beginning.
Be careful to choose “live” instead of "correspondence " in that menu.

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As I said, obviously it was done inadvertely and I am asking how do i remove myself from correspondence?

There is no way to ‘lock out’ the correspondence option. You are not currently playing any. You are not currently enrolled in any correspondence ladders or tournaments. So long as you are careful to check what games you accept and don’t accidently click the ‘correspondence’ option for quickmatch, you should be able to avoid them completely. If you do accidently end up in a correspondence game simply cancel it before you play any moves (it won’t effect your rank).

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Sure, no problem.
If now you understand how to create a new game, this won’t happen again: just be careful to choose “live” instead “correspondence” in the “Game Speed” box (see picture above).
If you have doubts on how to use OGS interface, you can ask here or look at the available manuals and FAQs.

  • If you want to get out from a single game that you don’t like, just hit “Cancel” instead of making your first move.
  • If you already played a move in a single game before realizing it’s a correspondence game, you can either resign that game (it’s a lost game) or ask a mod to annul that game.
  • if you want to avoid permanently all correspondence games, there isn’t such an option in OGS settings. You must avoid them by yourself.

Seems it’s a bit more moves now (6?) before you can’t cancel anymore. (Was 2 before)


I just checked in a 9x9 live game: I was white, the button “Cancel game” was available until move 5 was played by black. Then it changed to “Resign game”.
I don’t know if that number could be different for 19x19.

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Thank you.

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