Cosumi go website

Are there people here familiar with this site: ?
I was a bit surprised how well this computer plays, I would say at least 14k or better (hard for me to say, I am about 18k, I think). I have only been able to win from it when I have at least 4 stones advantage. Obviously, sacrificing stones is a good way to “fool the machine”, but even so, it’s very clever.

I would be carefull with the term “very clever” :smiley: in terms of strength cosumi is far far behind any modern bot. But in sense of avilability and “meaningless” challenge for less experienced players it is a fine machine :slight_smile:

I misuse it for one color go when I feel like it :slight_smile:

Sounds like it fills a gap we have here at OGS - people are often asking for a DDK bot.

I wonder if it could be hooked up here by some clever person who’s read that tutorial on this topic from the other day? :slight_smile:

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Well, I meant very clever for someone of my level 16k, 17k or above. Here on OGS, there is only a bot of 10k which is useless for me. And I have not seen many other sites which such an easy-to-use computer GO. What would you say its level was? Because I find it really hard to beat. Much harder than any 16k players here.

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