Could anyone stronger than 4k review my game vs 4k player?

This time I deliberately chose to play against someone stronger than me.
I lost by 26 points. But I believe that the game was decided around move 90 and before that I had some chances.

Could someone stronger than 4k review this game please? What could I do differently in the opening? What was the proper way of handling the middle? Any fancy end-game I have missed?

Here’s the game:
Here’s my own review:

Thank you.

You looked really good for most of the game. I think the result came down to a key blunder near the end, but it was one you missed in your evaluation. The key point is when you give territory and take influence, you can’t let up the attack. There were two places where you let up. The first white let up, too, so it was even, but the second was fatal.

Check it out!

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Thank you, Mark. This was useful!

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very nice review… taught me some useful things