Could I lose?


I played a very interesting 9x9 game on GoQuest and I think I should not be able to win if my opponent played correctly.
The problem is: it’s just a feeling.
Could anyone say if I’m guessing right? The move in question is the 20th move.
I’m playing white.

Link for the game:


I agree that black appears to have a winning sequence starting with C5. Black appears to have to let two stones go to get that result.

I don’t play 9x9, so disclaimer there :smiley: FWIW, it appears to me that your turns 4 and 6 were problematic. At T4 you could have split his stones to take initiative. Letting him have Tengen gave him a formidable formation.

Then at T6 the wedge was not going to make a dent. Once he had that impressive formation, I think you needed to jump over the other side, with something like C5, which pokes at his small knight and might just make eyes.

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Yes, I think if Black played D6 at move 19, to protect both cuts, then White F7, Black could win if he permitted the ko. But if B saves the stone with E6 instead, he loses.


I think Black’s move 19(E7) was a huge mistake and cost black the game. Black should have played at D6 instead which would have denied white the break-in. Worst case, black might have lost his stone at F6. What was the komi in the game? (Warning, I’m only 12kyu so I could be wildly mistaken. :slight_smile:

GoQuest uses Chinese scoring with a 7.5 komi on 9x9.

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If you check the sequence to the end, black loses anyway. Alas by minimum margin.

The position leads to a ko, w has 1 threat, b has none. W wins by 0.5


Hah - I miscounted, and didn’t realised komi was 7.5!

D6 had a stone already. Did you mean E6?

D6 didn’t have a stone on it during move 19. Black eventually played there, but by then it was too late.

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Yea, that’s why I asked about Komi. Black lost the game by move 19 no matter where he played.

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Black blundered a while before that. 13.D1? D2!

If black captures, white plays D3 and all of the bottom stones are dead. Roughly a 6 point move in sente, which should be winning for white in 9x9.

Here’s the position:


@ckersch88 Nice analysis. However, I doubt that black will let white end the sequence in sente. Instead of securing the lower left corner, black will attack the top right stone and force white to start a ko.

I just need to take a moment to say, @CaioMGA, THANK YOU for spelling lose with one ‘o’!

Nice to see that not everybody on the internet has loose spelling!

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That’s racist, man…

You are, of course, right. I blundered, getting tunnel vision over the ko and completely overlooking the neighboring atari that was created. The funny thing is that my initial impression, just based on the space, was that Black couldn’t win. When my playout led to a “win,” I should have been more skeptical and taken a closer look. And I don’t have the excuse of the brutal 3-minute time limit that Go Quest imposes.