Could someone reveiw my 9x9 game please?

Could someone please review this game I played today. I only started playing go yesterday, and wanted to know what moves that I played were good, and which ones could be improved on (e.g. blundering the stones near the center of the board because presumably that wasn’t a good idea :wink: ). Also places my opponent could have improved on would be useful too because I thought I was going to lose the game after blundering the stones in the center. Also if you look at the text my opponent thought I should have passed earlier, however I thought the area around a4 needed resolving first (this is around move 44), was I right or could I have just passed the game then?

Thanks in advance :smile:

I made a review You got really lucky to win this :slight_smile: Your opponent passed way to early. Also you both passed too early at the end of the game, since your opponent can still some stones.


Thanks! :smile: