Could someone take a look at my win by resignation please?

Hello all,

Getting back into go lately after a years long hiatus.

Think I was 12k before the break.

Jumped back in, got to 11, than 10, then I’ve been on quite a losing streak. Kinda messed with my confidence a bit.

Anyhow, played a game today against an 11k. Really wasn’t comfortable and really didn’t feel that I was that ahead. We had a little fight in the lower left corner, and as soon as I won that local fight, he resigned.

Wondering if I can get an opinion on whether I was really ahead, or if he resigned way prematurely.

Thanks in advance for any who take a look and extend an opinion.

Here’s the game:

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you always can get opinion of AI by looking at graph and clicking Estimate after game ends



Your last move is quite devastating, because your groups are quite solid (alive) around and he has now to manage 2 heavy eyeless groups.
One can understand that he didn’t want to play more.

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Thank you. Yes, I looked at that but was unsure if it’s accuracy… and I haven’t quite figured out how to read and use all those bells and whistles yet.

Thanks for the insight.

I think it’s a confidence thing due to the losing streak.
But I see what you mean.

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It’s accurate like a 9d pro player (like a world champion)
Of course many times it’s hard to understand a 9d pro player.

Note that this is not true if you use it during the game (available in correspondance games only), in that case it’s a much more stupid estimation.

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Wow. Yeah, my hiatus included the AI revolution in go. Haha. Thanks again.