Could we have some sort of in-between time settings?

GaJ made me do it.

Would anyone else find it an interesting setup to have simple 8h-12h/ move time setting?

If so, could it be implemented?


One reason for this is that Casual Rengo players have no way to set a speed between 1hour per turn (slowest live) and 1 day per turn (fastest correspondence).

That’s a big kind of gap…


I personally feel like the times should just be a sliding scale from min to max with no gaps, and we figure out the labels later… no times between 8 and 24 is a bit weird IMO

Edit: in fact, with @anoek about to tighten the options on automatch, the timing might be perfect to also open up open challenge a bit more :man_shrugging:


It is true that the gap between one hour and one day is huge, but I don’t think it can be reduced much.
Many people sleep about 8 hours a night, they would risk being removed every time they go to sleep.

One hour for live rengo seems like a lot. It means that if you don’t want to be excluded, after every move you have to be available at all times in a range from “after 4 seconds” to “after 4 hours”.
Personally, I would lower both limits: 15 minutes for live rengo and 10 hours for correspondence rengo.

Edit: On second thought, 15 minutes might be too much. With 15 minutes a game of 250 moves could take 50 hours of consecutive play. 2 or 3 minutes is probably better (and 2 or 3 minutes per move is a lot).



The difference between live and correspondence consist more of different ways to play (live=stay in front of the board with necessary breaks if so, correspondence=multiple small sessions)
And for each kind we should have a no gap scale of time from the shortest possible to the longest (no time?)


Instead of trying to have technology solve everything, which it can’t, just agree on a reasonable timeframe with your co-players.


I would really like a 12h per move option, it accommodates sleep time and usual work shift time.

I don’t have a huge sample, but I think it would work well for big casual rengo as well. At best, checking in twice a day.


No times between 1 and 24 actually, as far as I can see.

Sofiam raises a point, which to repeat is that if you have more than 1h turns and <24, someone is going to be up all night … unless …

… unless it’s massively multiplayer rengo…


It’s not quite the same thing, but I think that Fischer provides somewhat of a work-around that might achieve a similar effect.

It’s possible to set increments in Fischer time that range from 4 to 24 hours. However, the difference (from just a simple time system) is that smallest initial time and maximum cap is 24 hours. So, people may have up to 1 day to work with, but it has the effect of forcing players to play within 4 hours on average in order to avoid running into time trouble.

I’ve played Fischer games with +4 hour increments, and it’s perfectly manageable while sleeping (or being away from the site for much longer than 4 hours spans), because one can reply quite quickly when awake, and bank up time to be away for sleep.

I actually think it would be nice to have increments as small as 1 hour, while remaining in correspondence mode, in order to allow initial and max values in the range of days. It’s possible to have a 1 hour Fischer increment in live mode, but then one is stuck with an initial and max time limited to only 4 hours.


Fisher is nice but from my experience not always well managed by players not used to it, leading to timeout (with +4h)

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I’m proposing that Fischer with a +8hr increment (and 24 hours for both the initial and maximum time) might be a reasonable workaround to wanting an 8 hr simple time system.

The Fischer system is actually more forgiving to avoid accidental time outs, since players would always have at least 8 hours per move, but the system still enforces that players use no more than 8 hours per move on average.

However, maybe this workaround is not ideal to OP and others, if one really wants the stricter effect of simple timing to force every move to be less than 8 hours.

Fischer and byo-yomi both go up to 4hrs per person per turn.

A lot of room between 24 and 8 imo :slight_smile:


I would like the option of 8 hour absolute time. That way I can make a game will, at most, last the waking hours of a day. Would be great for slow work days where there is still the possibility of being suddenly busy.


I had the idea once

That work week went splendidly

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But you can’t play Casual Rengo in Fischer timing… that’s what triggers this request at this particular time.