Could white have created a second eye and lived?

(inb4, yes I know, don’t rub it in)

Around move 200 white started looking for a second eye for that middle group, was there a way to have that eye at the top left or was everything already lost?


Also, next person who corrects my grammar gets blocked. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can I use yebellz as a scapegoat?


Komi 337???

AfaIcantell that thing was dead way before move 200.


I don’t know… I’m sure I would’ve died there as well.

Off topic:

Is the original title really a mistake…? The current is correct if interpreted as “Could white have [created a second eye] and [lived]”, but what if the reading is “Could white [have created a second eye] and [live]”? The group being alive is not something that happens in the past, it would have still been ongoing, right?

On the other hand, I think English has a rule that past, present and future tenses cannot occur side to side in a conjunction.


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So, not enough space for an eye up there I guess…


@mark5000 I checked the variation, but I don’t see it. :frowning:
B16 would have given White an eye? That’s what I should have done?

B16 makes Black into an L group, which is killable. You might capture the upper left corner.


It doesn’t save the middle group, though, black can still cut it off

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I wonder if I could fork it to two 9d bots, see what they make of it, LOL

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Why am I a scapegoat?

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Because it seems like the sort of thing you’d do. :smiley: