Could white have lived here?

This game, bottom left, I think move 80 put me into a unsaveable shape. Was there a different move I could have made to live?

How about B1?

Edit: Nah, I can’t make it live, though for a moment it looked hopeful :slight_smile:

I do not think you could have lived there. The best I see is ko for life (82 white to C2), but seeing as there are no ko-threats for white and black even has a local threat there it’s pretty much finished.

EDIT: not that it matters but I think black could have played B1 instead of move 81 to kill cleanly (prevent the chance of ko) it’s a very nice sequence (if I am reading it correctly…) might wanna try to find it :slight_smile:

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move 64: A7 secures some territory and you dont need to capture 4 black stones in top right (your “false eye” is real eye because black cant atari it - it would be self-atari)
move 72: B2 is better defense imo, but corner is still dead (multiple ways to kill) if black plays correctly