Count scoring/points and rules for handicap games

  1. How do we determine the winner in 13x13 irl(using Chinese rules) How many points does black or white need in order to win
  2. and what’s the rule for handicap games using Chinese rules in both 13x13 and 19x19
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13x13 =169

Now we need to take in account the free x handicap stones given at the start which
give even more advantage to black (bigger area)
In a 5 stones handicap It’s 4 more stones (points) so halved 85+2 points to get for black to win. (85-2 for white)

On 13x13 with 5 or 6 stones handicap
Black needs 87 points
White needs 83 points
With 3 or 4 stones handicap 86 vs 84
Less: 85

2: Black can put the handicap stones where he wants.