Countdown timer is killing me

I like to blitz and of course you want to use as much time as you can to think but waiting for the 1 second warning to sound is a good way to lose. There is no warning that you’ve burned a byoyomi even, so I have gone through all my byoyomi periods and lost on time on several occasions, thinking I was ok because I clicked on 1. Latency and ESPECIALLY server side lag appear to make waiting until the last second on ANY timer a very risky proposition. Perhaps make the counter lie and say 1 when it really means 2 so that 500 ms of lag doesn’t make me die :frowning:

I agree with you. Perhaps it could actually add 1 extra second to the time setting - so, for example, 31 seconds instead of 30 seconds -, but your screen would still show 30 seconds and not let you make a move after those 30 seconds; the server, however, would accept moves for up to 31 seconds. This would be enough for most connections.

Making an additional noise if you burn your byoyomi might have been enough for me to know to be more careful on my last time period too, and then i’d be less sad.

Thought for sure OGS had a “The last overtime countdown has begun” audio. Of course it could be one of the other servers ive played on i heard that from

I hear that on Haylee videos, maybe it’s Tygem?

Yes, Tygem has it. It’d be nice to see that in OGS as well.