Counting liberties is hard


Every good player tells me that counting liberties is easy, you just go 1-2-3-4 and see who has more.

Except when you have approach moves or connections to make or prevent or other special cases that may apply. Which are things I find easy to miss as a beginner.

I made a review board with a few situations that are confusing to me - I can understand them if I pause and think about it, but would be likely to get it wrong in a game.

So I guess my question is, how to you manage to recognize and handle all the liberty counting exceptions in a game ???


Lots of useful resources on that site, too. Obviously you can only measurably improve by employing deliberate practice.


Thanks smurph for the link. My problem is not with understanding the capture race rules (i.e. from the different types listed in but more with the counting itself ( as well as cases where blindly applying the rules actually ends in failure :confused:


Easy solution: don’t get into capturing races, always win outright.

When it comes to actual counting, I just read it like tsumego imagining playing actual stones.


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