Counting nº of games played

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With the recent update which finally gets rid of the elo rankings, I have noticed that there is nowhere in the profile pages in which the number of games you have played is shown. I really liked this, so I want to ask if there is a reason for it to be removed.



So, admittedly this maybe isn’t the best way to represent this information, but the information you’re looking for is actually still there. If you select any of the Ratings’ numbers up top, it will show you stats for just that size/speed. The tallies at the bottom show you your win/loss numbers over the selected time interval for just that selected speed / size.

I noticed that, but I mean a total count of games played. The grafic is cool, but maybe a “Total games played” at the right of it which is got by adding the rest of the numbers. I mean the ones that indicate the number of losses and wins… something like that.


Ahh ok, got it.


I found the total game number in comparing with ranked/unranked games very helpful, It validated (or not) the rank a little (significant many unranked games for a certain.number of total games f.e.) .

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Absulutely, separate info on total number of played games and total number of ranked games!


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