Counting tool instead of score estimator

In correspondence games (or other games where analysis is enabled) there is the score estimator, so we don’t have to count manually. This is great in theory, but the score estimation is bad on purpose to not help you figure out life and death, which makes it almost useless. I wouldn’t want it to be better, because that would be akin to AI help.

What I’d want is a tool where I can select rectangles that I believe will become black (or white) points and then the score that we get when we click the user cards counts them towards territory and prisoners. This would require no evaluation of the position by an algorithm and would simultaneously be more helpful.


What happens when your opponent and you disagree over the ownership of a certain rectangle?

It would just be for yourself, the opponent wouldn’t see your rectangles.


This kind of idea has popped up from time to time before but I’m not sure if it’s ever really been discussed in and of itself.


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Now a manual counting tool on the other hand does sound somewhat useful, and I think was discussed before but I can’t remember where.

I’d be interested in understand the technicalities involved and if some kind of front end thing would be possible.


That would be great. Even a tool like this could be used for an optional manual scoring, mimicing IRL counting.

This is most definitely a frontend thing. It might be a good idea to make a Proof of Concept separately from OGS code though - the goban code can be pretty hairy, and it’s not that hard to code a basic Go board from scratch.

Either way, happy to give code pointers into goban/score estimator code if anyone is interested in poking around :slight_smile:


How i imagine this tool.
A counter, start/pause/reset buttons.
When you click somewhere it’s marked (highlight or circle or…) counter +1
When you click again the same it’s annuled.
(Counter -1)
You can pick 1 by 1 or swap like with a brush, or even fill like with a bucket in a painting tool, as you want.

Not necessary but may be useful: have 2 counters with different highlighting

That’s all.
No need consider rules, empty or occupied, prisoners etc…

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