How could I have kept from loosing this game?

My opponent wouldn’t accept the auto-counting and kept passing. He wouldn’t admit that his stones were “meaningless” in counting.

Next time you can just call a mod on the righthand pop-up panel.

For now, you can just report him/her.

Of course… if you had time, and wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine. You could have done the same. :wink:

Play Chinese rules. Then you can capture his stones without losing points.

Won’t make a difference if the guy refuses to accept anything. The offending player can make you play out every single legal move and he still might not accept the score when it comes to it.

Good point. It’s true that the only sure fire way to stop a cheat is not to play with him/her, a maxim I’ve always followed in poker. However, Safnu’s opponent made a comment that reveals that his aim was to make Safnu kill his own territory to affect the score, which did occur, so I was speaking to the specifics of the case.

Ah I see. Anyway it was ironic that he himself was reducing his own points himself though to a lesser extent.