Couple of 9*9 reviews for me, 17k vs 12k

First game that I lost:

Second game that I won:

I want reviews for both preferably by same player. Thanks in advance.

I made a review of the 1st game. Take it with a grain of salt since I’m only 14k.

I had only a quick look on the second game. I left only a few comments there. You won that game, therefor it’s hard to identify your errors.

In both games you played in your own territory after white passed. There is no need to capture dead stones. Playing in your own territory only cost you a point each time.

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I added a few things to the review. :slight_smile:


Game 2


Thanks for the review, @mark5000

It was very helpful, especially middle-game part. I always thought that there was something fishy about that win. I didn’t win that but my opponent lost it because of that mistake you shown. Could not have found it on my own, thanks for reviewing my game.

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