Crazy game

I can’t win games anymore. I just want to win again. :frowning:


Why can’t I learn to play this game?

I should get better, not worse.

This guy is a really good youtuber for beginner go players.
I watched a couple of his episodes and then shot up two ranks in just two days.

He teaches double digit kyu classes. (I’m assuming you are double digit kyu like me, otherwise you might already know everything he teaches.)

I would recommend skipping the videos he records alone, and just watching the ones he records with his class (the ones he records alone get get fairly boring if you have a short attention span like me :slight_smile:)

Thanks, I have him subscribed but I should watch his videos more than I do. I’ve been watching Dwyrin’s Basic videos. So I’m not sure if videos are helpful for me, looks simple and easy in the videos; then I try to play basic moves but I get outplayed and game gets messy. From there I’m confused and get lost. If I’m behind, I play too quickly and aggressively to catch up. Doesn’t help any when I don’t know what to do, sometimes I’m lucky get somewhere or not.

Play against more strong opponents each time you win and against more weak opponents each time you lose. You will get 50% winrate.

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You probably don’t want to hear anything coming from a mere 20k, but I had a look at your demoralising string of losses, and the main stand out feature is that you give up really easily.

I wonder if you are trusting the score estimator too much too early. In one of the games, the loss of 10 stones in one go was a big setback, but in the rest of the games there seemed to be no real reason to resign when you did.

In one of them, the estimator said 24 points behind, but half the board wasn’t even counted! And, if you press the estimator button again a couple of times in that game, it also comes up with the answer 15, which is not so bad.

With half the board not counted, you can cause a massive swing with a good reduction/invasion, and the estimator doesn’t predict any of that. There’s also plenty of time ahead to give the opponent a chance to make a blunder.

IMHO, from way down here…