Crazy Sensei, A Cute Little Go Tutorial by Rémi Coulom (of Crazy Stone fame)

Check out Crazy Sensei, a cute little Go Tutorial by Rémi Coulom (of Crazy Stone fame)

And LOOK what he recommends for online playing :slight_smile:


It is wonderful that he links to OGS, but it would be really awesome if he was running CrazyStone on OGS.

LOL, you could ask him, no?

I for one am just happy if people do good things, and I’m not the type to immediately ask for the next good thing when I get one good thing, instead I like to say “thank you” :wink:

(On the Go board it’s different, though, if you play a “thank you move” I’ll still be greedy for more :smiling_imp:)

But I can very well understand your wish :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the game play is very bad, and the scoring is downright wrong.

I didn’t play enough to check it, but are you aware of the fact that the scoring uses Chinese rules?

Edited, thanks to @RemiCoulom’s clarification below.

The scoring does not use Chinese rules, but simply counts stones on the board. I am convinced it is a good way to introduce the game to complete beginners. You can read about it there:
Dieter Verhofstadt is advocating this method too:

The strength of the engine is around KGS 3k, which is more than strong enough for beginners.

Playing this way might be a bit annoying to experienced players, but is good for very beginners. This way, it is not necessary to explain why a group is dead or alive. No need to explain that two eyes live, for instance. The player will figure it out from experience, which is better.