Create a puzzle out of game position

Hello, when reviewing a game (with the site-supporter AI), it would be nice to be able to take a position and store it as a puzzle:

the position would be presented and then you would choose the AI move instead of the move you made.


In one of my puzzle collections I collected some real life tsumego’s.

If this is what you mean, feel free to use them :smiley:

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What I mean is that a flashcard could be created out of a game I just played.

On one side of the flashcard is the game position without hints.
On the answer side is the game position with AI suggested best move.


The lichess app does something extremely similar to what you suggest. It picks out your worst blunders in the game, tells you where you played, and ask you where you should play instead.

But that’s only for chess right?

Yes, lichess is a chess server.

The OGS team has claimed multiple times that they drew a lot of inspiration from lichess.

Turning the game analysis into a series of problems is one feature that lichess has implemented well, so I felt it was worth mentioning.