Created a new account by accident


When trying to log in a few days ago, it seems I accidentally created another account – “niscendutioner”. I thought I cancelled the creation by just closing the browser, before adding an email or setting up a rank, but apparently not. Can the account be deleted? If not, I suppose I can eventually use it as an alternate account. Then please change the user name to “emendar”.

Accounts can’t be deleted, but I’m sure a mod will stop by and change your account name. :smile: OGS seems pretty open to multiple accounts as long as you’re not abusing it in some way.

I would argue that it is too easy to create an account by accident. On the log-in page, simply mistyping your user name, typing in your password and pressing enter will create a new account – with no way to cancel this process or remove the account afterwards. It has happened to me again since I created this topic.

Anyway, I would still like to have “niscendutioner” changed to “emendar”. I will post from that account as well.

Please change my name to “emendar”.

Oh, I have no idea why your opening post has evaded our attention — this is the first time I see it, and I get notifications for all posts/comments in this section :open_mouth:

Anyway, which of the two accounts you are using in this thread do you want changed now?

Questions over questions …

p.s: I have set my browsers to save cookies for this site (and also to remember my password for OGS), so I never need to log in, maybe this could be an option for you?

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This one, please!

It is done:

Please remember to log out of the forum also,and back in, to have the name change reflected here.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Don’t you find it a bit odd to reply with this account? :wink:

<edit> I appreciate, though, that you make no attempts to hide your split personality :smiley: there have been others who liked to create Sock Puppets, which sometimes are a PITA, as you can imagine. </edit>

It seemed like a fun thing to do. Just wait until I start having entire conversations with myself on here! :slight_smile:

(However, it was mostly because my posts from the emendar account seem to get flagged as spam – likely automatically because it’s a fresh account without any games played.)

Yes, because several posts by different users but the same IP number.

I must say, though, that I don’t totally agree to the “fun thing” here … it can be used to deceive people, and now I know that I’ll probably better not leave comments and variations in the Malkovich log whenever I play one of your several accounts here :wink: It’s okay OTOH (and IMO) if just used, for example, for playing intoxicated (or tired, or whatever), which is why OGS allows users to have a certain number of accounts.

That is a fair concern when facing someone with multiple accounts.

Mind you, though, I never wanted a second account to begin with. I created it by accident and could not get rid of it, so now I had the user name changed away from consisting of my current user name and – oh dear – part of a password. I don’t intend to use it at all, I’m quite content with the account I have. But yes, perhaps I will eventually find a use for it – perhaps for lightning games or a fresh start at some point.

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