Creating API Client

How do I generate an API client?

The link in apiary points to, and I can’t find anything there. The Application Manager link points to an overview of games being played.

After trying some things I found that querying instead of works. Now I’m having a little different problem. When trying to get the access token I get “The requested URL /oauth2/access_token was not found on this server.” when I try the example from apiary. Did the API move somewhere else?


Use /oauth2/token instead.


Thanks Nathan. We used to be able to POST to /oath2/access_token, but now I get HTTP 405 response. Any tips or links to docs that match the current api?

EDIT: turns out I was missing the trailing slash, so the path should be /oauth2/token/

Now I get a 401 :slight_smile:

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How did you end up generating an API client? I am pretty new to this. Any hints on how I should query ? Thanks in advance!

Take a look at GitHub - flovo/ogs_api: python library to access the APIs of

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I think I found it. After I signed in on, clicking on Application Manager transfered me to


I read the whole thread but still don’t understand how I’m supposed to get client_id and client_secret keys.

Could you guys please explain the process ?


First, sign in to your OGS account
Then, visit the developer docs page and click on the OAuth2 Application Manager link.
If everything works as intended, you should be prompted with a form which allows you to register a new app, and fill in you client_id and client_secret keys.