Creating more then one games and preventing players to accept more challenges then alowed

There was possibility to create multiple challenges by setting the number of games you want to create. Is it possible to enable it again?
Also, it would be good to have an option to set maximum number of players with same opponent (when you are creating multiple challenges with same settings).

I don’t recall us ever having the ability to create multiple challenges, though we will consider that in the future.

In our 4.2 branch (the upcoming release) we do prevent people from accepting open challenges against people they are already playing a game against. The thought is that if a player creates multiple open challenges that they want different opponents and if you really want to play multiple games against someone that you could still challenge that person directly.

So note, this affects accepting open challenges… you will still be able to accept multiple direct challenges from another person.

Another change somewhat related to this is that we will not allow a person currently participating in a live game to accept another live game while the other game is ongoing unless they have at least 200 finished games on the server.