Creating Multiple Games

When I start a normal blitz or live game from Quick Match Finder it often creates multiple games with the same person. This makes thing really confusing because you have to switch back and forth quickly enough so you don’t get timed out.

I’ve never had that happen to me, but I don’t play a whole lot lately. Could you give a little more info?

How long has this been happening? What browser are you using?

By the way, it would probably be easier to cancel one of the games than attempt to play both.

It’s been happening since I started OGS. Using Google Chrome. I played Go-pro twice at hte same time:

My guess: each of you created a challenge and the other accepted it:


So, then you’ll just have to cancel your own challenge before accepting one.

He said it was quick match, and the game names seem to confirm as much. If it was a custom game, their usernames wouldn’t be included in the match title.


I was using the Quick Match Finder so I didn’t accept anything.


A quick and dirty workaround: Let one of the games time out without moving at all so it will be annulled. :innocent:

Please just use the cancel game button. :smile:

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Oh, you’re right. That’s much easier. :sweat_smile:

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I just encountered this bug as well; this was using the “Normal” automatch button on, not creating a custom challenge. Got 4 simultaneous games against the same player:

As can be seen, I had to cancel 3 of them. I didn’t even notice they were there until the first game ended. (my opponent resigning bizarrely early is not a bug, as far as I know)

My automatch settings were:

  • 19x19 only
  • opponent rank +/- 3
  • Handicap: no preference
  • Time control: prefer byo-yomi
  • Rules: prefer Japanese