Creeping along the edge

Moves 12 to 24 in demo show the tactic of “creeping along the edge”, which as shown in moves 15-20 is difficult to block.

Do we have to avoid the hole at J4 at all costs, or is there a good way for black to block move 12?

Have you tried h6 instead of h5?
If you have not already blocked at j4, then you are accepting giving up a bit of the edge. I think something like h6 gives away the minimum.

I was about to say H6 too.

I see this, thanks, but what are the best followup moves for black H6? I can’t see where it can lead.

W J6
B J7 atari
W J5 connects
B H7 connects
W H5 pushes
B G5 blocks

I’m on smartphone and I have trouble moving back and forth from forum to demo


Lys, I’ve shared this variation. It looks to me like a big failure for black. Did I misunderstand your moves?

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First picture by @teapoweredrobot

teapoweredrobot, Thanks for the pictures. It is all clear to me now. I wish I knew how to make images of Go boards.

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Having a demo board, it’s just a screenshot.

Actually I could have done it myself on your demo board, even using a smartphone.
I didn’t think about it, sorry. :smile:

Also pasting in the forum is easy as CTRL+C (on PC… with a smartphone you have to use “upload”)

Test. Hmmm, Ctrl+C does nothing. I suppose I could take a screenshot then upload it as an image.

And then CTRL+V

but yes, I’m on my phone so just screenshot, crop, upload.
You’re welcome!

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Sorry, my mistake: Ctrl+C copies, Ctrl+V pastes.
They are generic shortcuts for copy and paste.
On Discourse (this forum) works fine.
Same for right-click copy and paste.
Easier than save file + upload.

To answer the actual question here though:
Black playing at j4 is a big endgame move so typically important to play. But “at all costs”? Never! If black has something that will gain more than the ~7 points letting white play j4 will cost then do that.
It’s just that in many endgame scenarios nothing else will be worth losing 7 points in gote.