Crowdsourcing For New EGF Logo

Hello everybody,

Quote: “[…] the european go federation is looking for a new logo. We will award the winner of the contest with 500 euro, the deadline for submitting a proposition is 1st of December. […]”

Maybe you will discover your inner artist?

Cordially, Tom


I actually like their current logo quite a bit. Looking forward to see what people come up with though.

I initially thought about doing something with the Flag of Europe, but it seems the EGF has a lot of member’s outside of the EU (outside of Europe even).

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It’s just so:

The European Go Federation has got nothing to do with the European Union. This fact I welcome, I don’t want politics to interfere with our game; for example, I won’t mistake Turkish Go players for Evil Erdogan, like I hope they won’t mistake me for Mad Merkel :laughing:

Which countries the term “European” should include, however, is another discussion. If I’d have say then I’d probably stay within common geographical definitions. Heck, I’m anyway more interested in global communion of Go players (with support for local groups, of course), I’m so tired of borders and people who focus on differences instead of on what we have in common.

< stepping down from soap box> :wink:

Cordially, Tom


Perhaps you should at least know what Europe is before shooting your mouth off. Europe is not defined by the European Union. Here’s a map showing the boundaries of Europe:

Ukraine is entirely inside Europe. Turkey and Kazakhstan are partially inside Europe (as are Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan).

Personally, I applaud the EGF for being inclusive and allowing countries like Israel and South Africa to participate. It makes eminent sense, given that play on the internet make time-zone distance far more relevant than geographical distance.


Agree, but then, TBH, they should change their name :wink: I’d have no problem with that. Perhaps just call it African Go Federation since Africa is SO much bigger :laughing:

Subversively, Tom

AFAIK, there is already talk that the E in EGF should stand for EMEA-region, short for “Europe, Middle East and Africa”. :slight_smile:

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Small reminder: It’s only 5 to go if you are planning to participate in this logo contest. Any questions, feel free to ask me!