CSS and Exposing Invite Functions

  1. Is there a way to use CSS to modify, for example, a group page’s layout or is it restricted to HTML?

  2. I was reading the OGS APIary to see if there was any way to get a python script to open OGS and Invite people to tournaments. Currently I do it manually and it takes a long time to get through even a few names. Could OGS create a way to invite members of a group to a tournament?

If I recall correctly group page info supports markdown and some limited inline css, certainly not all though. Font-size or color should probably work, positioning will probably not.

Group invites sound nice, in the meantime, any group post sends a banner notification so maybe that could help in getting people to join with less effort?

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If you can use some action on the site, them there’s a API call for it

The API is not well documented through. You have to dig through the code to find the right request.

I’m not sure, if I found the right line, you have to try.

and the members of a group


I guess what I meant by expose was that it would be available on the front-end.

Anyway, I’m using Selenium to navigate the site and invite players - it’s super basic. Just a list of strings where each one is a player’s name (haven’t figured out how to translate players’ names with emojis). There’s a loop in which the bot types in a name and then ‘clicks’ the invite button. Super basic, with no regard for rank or anything.