Currently playing a live game, must finish it before accepting any open challenge


When I try to accept an open challenge (for a long game), I get an error with a message like this:

Currently playing a live game, must finish it before accepting any open challenge

First point, the only on-going live game I have is actually “paused” and second point, I still can create myself open challenges without getting that kind of error.

Is there something that needs to be fixed ?

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Hello @arnaudgo,

because of (accidental or deliberate) abuse we had to put a restriction on new players:
New players cannot accept multiple open live games until they’ve played 200 games, but they can send and receive direct challenges to play as many live games concurrently as they’d like.

I admit this is a somewhat crude solution, but the problem this solves (beginners being “serial cancellers”) is even more ugly :wink:

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Hello @trohde :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick answer,

I had imagined there was some legitimate aim around it but the point is that the error message doesn’t seem to me very consistent if creating challenges is still OK.
Besides that incoherency, I guess it alleviates the problem of “serial cancellers”, yes :slight_smile: But why not just replacing the Accept button with “Can’t accept” string instead of raising an error after the user has read the popup (referring to the last-step before accepting the challenge) ?

The last thing, as I wrote, the error message

You are currently playing a live game, you must finish that game before accepting any open challenges

also occurs to me even if I’m accepting a challenge for a long game and even if my live game is in “Paused” state.


open challenge ≠ direct challenge :wink:

Hi, I am getting the same error. I resigned from my only live game, yet it still appears on my Home screen.