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I’m interested in hosting a custom fork of OGS for personal use, so that I don’t get any request throttling and don’t have to wait in line to play against bots. Have started digging around the code for challenge logic and have found where the challenge information is displayed. However, there doesn’t seem to be a trivial way to remove throttling or game number limits per bot. Just curious if there is anywhere I should start looking, including any existing forks that attempt to do the same thing.

Thank you!

Throttling happens server side, and the server isn’t open source. So it hasn’t been forked.

But if your only goal is to play against bots, there are plenty available to run locally. Why not download one of them, and use Sabaki as the interface?

Setting up and running KataGo

Ah, didn’t realize the github repo was just the frontend. And I just wanted a consistent experience on the go.

You can also host your own bot on OGS. If you were willing to host your own server anyway, you could just host whatever bot you want to play against and have it connect to OGS

Some of the bots profiles say if they’re available somewhere

Noob bot says it uses Zen/Fuego/Pachi

and specific details for each of the bots here^^

This looks like Pachi

Sabaki has links to a lot of engines

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