Custom Stones on OGS

I was told you can change the color or the skin of your go stones on OGS through clicking on your profile on the top right. Below the chose the color of the board or the type of stones should be a place where you can change the color or skins but nothing shows up. Is there a way to fix that?

These are the only choices you have:

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You can only change the color of the flat stone skin. The other stone skins are only available in white and black.


Yep. In the past I have played with green vs purple. eg:

Select the left-most stones(plain) and then the option to change the colour appears.


Fun fact, this is a way to implement 1-colour go on your side of the board. You can’t impose it on your opponent but if you make both sides the same colour on your side it makes for an extra challenge :wink:

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Halloween! :crazy_face:

@Kosh: green/purple is painful! :see_no_evil: :sunglasses:
Any special reason to do that?


It’s a Babylon 5 reference (s2e3) but I actually found I could get used to it, surprisingly:

Green vs Purple in ‘Geometry of Shadows’.


If I remember correctly, there was a similar episode in the original Star Trek where half the population of a world were black on the left side, white on the right and the other half were the other way around. How could they possibly get along? :wink:



I’ve seen the ST one when I was young and it was so enlightening. I still have a strong memory of it.

Also I should see B5 sooner or later…

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The resolution to that episode made it an epicsode. It’s so good.


Some other custom stones:

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