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Today I received a full table board go set from the online shop which does business as Hyuga Goban Goishi CO.,LTD, and used the email address

I hadn’t been able to find any reviews for this store and had been a bit nervous about sending a chunk of change overseas. Boy was I surprised. The care and respect in the packaging were out of this world, beyond impressive. The quality of the goods was even better than expected. The package arrived from Japan to Massachusetts within 7 days via UPS with a tracking number.

Overall the transaction and communication with the vendor were smooth and professional with the only oddity being the use of a Gmail address, I think this contributed to my uncertainty while waiting for the items. The product received was above expectations on all counts. I highly recommend this retailer.

Based on the product descriptions, I anticipated that the boards sold were somehow ‘less than new’. I’m definitely no expert but this hunk of wood shows a little age (wisdom?). Nothing that upsets me, but it feels like it was used before making its way to me, evidenced by light handling marks and extremely light dents/scratches on the sides. Based on the claimed 20 year drying period on the quality certification this makes sense. I couldn’t be happier with the product.

I have no affiliation with this retailer beyond being a one-time customer (so far).

It would only let me embed one photo, but I included an full unboxing in my reddit post.


That looks amazing!

Edit: I clicked the link. Wow, very tempting!


What a slab! Looks good to me. Do you know the type of wood? A conifer (pine, spruce, or maybe a fir?) would be soft and prone to light denting. Otherwise if that slab is really 20 years old it looks great.

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It is Hon Kaya. Which is a type of conifer.

Do it!

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Very cool. The wiki on that species claims it is prized for making go boards with.

Also interesting that cutting that species has been banned since 2000…

I love it when someone is so impressed with the good service/quality that they seek out a way to review.

I do that from time to time too :slight_smile:

I felt a momentary urge to buy the stuff I was seeing, before I managed to clamp down on that :smiley:


Beautiful but I guess not in my own range of prize