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Hi sometimes i get little ideas that are nothing but curiosity in what all can Go tell us about ourselves, such as what kind of style is natural to your thinking?

Idk about you guys but when i use AI sensei and i get a couple moves the AI picks at certain times, i gets a lil dopamine boost. So my question to the Coders of such features like our ratings, can a rating be made to show how a players “cyborg” percentage? May spot some good cheats or maybe variations the AI actually missed?

Would the cyborg rating interest any of you why or why not?

So as in would the rating be an average over you games of how often you hit the ai moves?

Although one needs to pick whether it’s blue ones or top ones, or ones that don’t lose over a certain number of points?

Or is it something else in mind?

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As long as the concept cyborg rating is not clearly defined, it will be hard to answer your questions.

Well idk all the variables, and felt the coding gurus would be the ones with that know how. I fought alot of bots to learn so i wonder how our AI teachers are influencing the (mainly new beginner) styles. A data base of pros you can get matched too, that way i can study their games (your style refines and or changes) but if accurate i think i could understand more moves, make any sense?

Beyond that i guess the branch with most the most like your games general idea if any match. I guess each move would need a color coat, symbol, or for fun dragon bear monkey ect. for this? Which represents one of the 36 strategems. Keep in mind its only to give OGS something some tools unique to the individual and promote more play here. Its not likely to be coded easy or accurate in its development im sure. Though ive saw Go wars (an app) has a graph for tour attack defense and stuff.

You guys can suggest a better use or description of some feature better. it is just a for new player attraction or dodging/ catching a cheat.

I’m not confident about my English. That’s why at the very least I try to use capitalization and correct spelling. And stick to simple sentences.

Anyways, I think OP wants a number that describes how close to AI your playstyle is.

This sounds similar to something I’ve wanted for a while… On, you get an analysis summary of your game that looks like this:

It would be nice to get something similar for Go games.

To address to original point about a cyborg rating (cool name BTW), I guess the overall accuracy rating at the top kinda fills that role. Is that the kind of thing you were thinking of @HonkeyKong?

P.S. Can you guess which one is me? Japanese for Go as avatar. 4 mistakes and 1 blunder. Yep, sounds about right :laughing:


Yes lol something like that. Wow id have plenty blunders. Interesting the chess community has this already are the. Can you tell if the are Bots stronger since the improvements of machine learning were made popular, Or were the bots already as highly efficient as needed be?

I think something like this seems to already exist in an AI analysis tool. I don’t really know anything about it, except that I heard it mentioned on forums here:

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I use OGS AI to review all my games, as a guide to see where I miss and what I can do differently. I can not make sense of lots of them understandably so. AI’s moves are too strong, it does not make sense to me to spend too much of my time to figure it out, cause it is an impossible job. And AI does not talk.

I do data analysis for living. It takes deep understanding of the business to analyze data and come up with better solutions. In this case, I don’t see I have any solid understanding of basics of Go yet.

So I wouldn’t care much about those kinds of data points. It might be fun to look at. That’s all.

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