D.I.Y. Go stones

Hey guys, didn’t any of you tried to make go stones yourself?

So far I made myself a usable 9x9 and 13x13 board. Now the hard part is deciding how to make go stones, that are not actually beer caps painted with spray paint.

Was thinking of using clay, or art clay and making some kind of mold, than baking it.
Another plan was finding aluminum and copper rod, 2cm thickness. Than cutting 1cm pieces and shaping them with file. Copper could be used for black, and aluminum for white…idk.

Any ideas are welcome

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I only had ideas about it after reading someone wanted to make wooden stones recently (forgot where it was), but I thought about cutting them out of a round pole using a lathe. Could also be used with metal rods, if you have a good lathe. Rather dangerous though, if you go too thin and the end part gets unbalanced, it will be catapulted through the room.

Making them sloppily would be easy, but making them all the same shape will be a very arduous, boring task if they’re not made from a mould.

Casting metal go stones sounds like fun.


My thoughts exactly, when it comes making each single one out of wood and metal… would be really painful! haha! Mold idea seems pretty good. Metal, clay, or even some type of resin …

For start making 81 stones for 9x9 board would be excellent, for practice purposes.