Daily Pro Go

I wanted to let everyone know about a project I’ve been working on - Daily Pro Go. The idea is to simply offer one professional go game every day that people can review/skim/study however they want.

Each week, I pick a theme for the week’s games. My hope is that viewing 7 games with similar ideas in them can offer some insight into the way certain positions often develop. For instance, last week’s games all involved White splitting the Orthodox opening, and Black approaching the splitting stone from the shimari side. This week’s games will show Black approaching from the other side.

I have the next several weeks of games planned out and a bunch of ideas for other possible themes (so I shouldn’t run out of content any time soon), but I would greatly appreciate any feedback you might have on how to make the site better or more useful.

The site is http://dailyprogo.tumblr.com/ and there’s a Twitter account @dailyprogo.


Sounds really cool, thanks!